Perspectives Program for High Conflict

The Perspectives Program is a Court supported intervention that utilizes a team approach that consists of three Registered Psychologists’ who specialize in the area of child and adolescent development and separated families in conflict.

We offer a coordinated intervention that is customized and tailored specifically to the needs of the family. By coordinated we mean that the psychologists share information obtained in sessions with each other. At times we will meet with you as a team and at times you will meet individually with one psychologist. However, behind the scenes, we are communicating with each other, evaluating the needs of each member of the family and adjusting the treatment approach as necessary.

Our model is unique in that the team meets with the family, formulates a plan, and consults throughout the process as a collaborative effort. The process therefore is guided by purposeful and determined deliberation amongst the team members from start to finish. In this way several perspectives are vetted throughout the process. We feel this produces a much more coordinated and comprehensive way of working with certain family situations than working as individual therapists.

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